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New Office Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
10h00 - 18h00

Call us at +27-71-056-6321

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New School Address

4 Main Road, Office #3
Benoni (Farramere), 1501

God called - you answered, apostle.

Time for transition!

Johannesburg, South Africa - March 23 - 25, 2018

your mandate!

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Your Part to Play in the Prophetic Move
It will no longer be about big prophetic seminars and the "great prophet" with their umpteen revelations, to draw the glory to themselves. Instead, the Lord is establishing the prophet in local churches across the world. To equip, build up and above all, to cause the Bride to fall in love with Her Savior. Click Here to Read More


Application Instructions

No matter where you live, you can rise up and fulfill the calling on your life! We know that as a minister you have a burning desire to reach out and see the Body of Christ become all it can be. If your application to become a student with us is approved, then you are about to embark upon a journey that will help you do just that!

PLEASE NOTE: We want you to take this application seriously, as we are preprared to accept those students who are ready to truly face the rigors of prophetic training.

Training is not about head knowledge. It's about wisdom, understanding, and above all else, being able to live what you are learning. We will only accept those students whom we deem to be ready for this level of intensity in their training. So please, take this application seriously.

After you have submitted your application, we will consider it and you will hear back from the AMI Registar in 48 hours.

How would you like to study with us? You can study with us online or attend our weekly classes in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. Please choose the application form below accordingly.

May you rise up into all He's called you to be!


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